Special Needs Access Card and Parking Pass Application


  1. The Center is unable to provide wheelchairs or other medical equipment for personal use. Please bring what you need. For information on local equipment rentals, please see the bottom of this page. The suppliers will deliver items to your hotel, motel, or to the Event Site as you wish.
  2. You may request seating for one companion by checking the appropriate box. Companions must be able to attend to all the Special Needs guest’s needs including using the restroom. Either male or female companion may accompany the SN guest into the companion restroom. Please do not expect this service from sevadars. Companions must remain with the Special Needs guest at all times and must be able to attend to their needs. Additional family members/friends must enter and sit with the general sangat.
  3. Please bring your 2022 Special Needs Pass with you to each Satsang Program. Those who come without a 2022 Special Needs Pass will have to stand in line at the Special Needs entry to receive a seating pass.


  1. You must apply every year for a Special Needs Access Card and Parking Pass if you wish to attend any Satsang Program where the Master will be present. Please complete the Application Form and return it to your Secretary who will review it for readability/accuracy, sign it, and forward it to the Special Needs sevadar at the Satsang Program center. If you are not affiliated with a satsang, please submit your application directly to the Satsang Program center as instructed for secretaries below.
  2. If you have other questions, please call the Special Needs sevadar at 707-780-2508. Applications filed after the final cut-off date (15 days prior to the event) will not be processed. If you do not have a valid seating pass you must enter through the General Security Check Point and sit with the general sangat or stand in line at the Special Needs entry to obtain a Special Needs seating pass.
  3. For Secretaries and those without a local satsang: Email the application to [email protected].

Those with State Handicapped Placard/Plate or a Mobility-Impaired Parking Pass or a Seating Pass may be dropped off at the Main Hall along with their medical equipment and companion. Others in the car must enter through the main security check-points. Petaluma honors all of the states' handicapped placards.


  1. The Center will not provide any medications or prescriptions for medications. Those requiring medications or special diets and those with diabetic condition, blood sugar or allergy issues are asked to bring an ample supply of what they need to deal with their condition.
  2. The Petaluma site is quite large with walking distances up to ¼ mile. Those needing assistance walking such distances, are requested to bring their own cane, scooter, walker, rollator or wheelchair.
  3. Certified Service Animals are permitted. No Emotional Support Animals allowed.

Wheelchair rental in Petaluma area – It is recommended to call to arrange for rental before you arrive.

Norcal Medical Supply
620 Petaluma Blvd. North, #A
Petaluma, CA 94952

Sonoma Surgical Supply
4975 Sonoma Highway, CA-12
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Redwood Empire Med Supply
6620 Redwood Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928


Special Needs Access Card and Parking Pass Application