Sonoma State University

For those staying at the college, a simple catered Indian meal is available for pre-purchase with your reservation. Details are provided on page 3 of the SSU Accommodation Request Form.

Food Served at the Center

The sangat will be served a bag lunch that will contain 1 or 2 wraps, fruit, a bottle of water, and a cereal bar. A bag lunch with one wrap will cost $3 and a bag lunch with two wraps will cost $5. Tea and cookies will be served before satsang and tea only after satsang at a cost of 25 cents each.

Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide

This is a list of vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants and markets in Petaluma, CA and surrounding cities (approximately 20 to 40 minute drive from Petaluma). Indicates that an RS menu will be available at the time of the July 2019 program. It is recommended that patrons always ask about food preparation and ingredients as recipes and food suppliers (particularly cheese) often change. Restaurants with an RS menu may be more aware of RS requirements.

Restaurant RS Menu Cuisine/Type Address Telephone City
Aqus CaféAmerican189 H Street707-778-6060Petaluma
ChipotleMexican401 Kenilworth, #710 (near Target)707-772-5225Petaluma
EverestNepalese56 East Washington Street707-781-9131Petaluma
Flowering Tea HouseAsian1367 North McDowell Boulevard707-775-3088Petaluma
Noah's BagelsAmerican375 South McDowell Boulevard707-766-9651Petaluma
Peet's CoffeeCoffee Shop351 South McDowell Boulevard707-773-3347Petaluma
Peet's CoffeeCoffee Shop5 Petaluma Boulevard South, Suite A707-782-0401Petaluma
Rafy's PizzeriaPizza615 East Washington Street707-559-5735Petaluma
River Front CaféAmerican224 B Street707-347-5147Petaluma
Round Table PizzaPizza227 South McDowell Boulevard707-773-3330Petaluma
Speakeasy (open 5 pm - 2 am)American139 Petaluma Boulevard North, Suite B707-776-4631Petaluma
Sprouts MarketGrocery Store401 Kenilworth Drive, Suite 1040707-789-4976Petaluma
StarbucksCoffee Shop440 East Washington Street707-766-9928Petaluma
StarbucksCoffee Shop205 North McDowell Boulevard707-763-2741Petaluma
Stefano's PizzaPizza5 Petaluma Blvd South, Suite D707-215-3746Petaluma
The Tea Room (until 2 PM)American316 Western Avenue707-765-0199Petaluma
Trader Joe’sGrocery Store169 North McDowell Boulevard707-769-2782Petaluma
Whole Foods MarketGrocery Store621 East Washington Street707-762-9352Petaluma
Wild Goat BistroAmerican6 Petaluma Boulevard North, #A5707-658-1156Petaluma
Amy's Drive ThruAmerican (Vegetarian)58 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park707-755-3629Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
China ChefChinese7991 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati707-664-1004Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
ChipotleMexican6325 Commerce Boulevard, Rohnert Park707-536-0348Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Himalayan Kabob & Curry HouseNepalese572 East Cotati Avenue, Cotati707-242-3470Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Olive GardenItalian6430 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park707-586-3607Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Oliver's MarketSalad Buffet/Deli546 East Cotati Avenue, Cotati707-795-9501Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Panera BreadAmerican6305 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park 707-585-7647Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Peet’s CoffeeCoffee Shop7764 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati707-796-7080Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Penngrove MarketGrocery Store10070 Main Street, Penngrove707-753-4974Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Redwood CaféAmerican8240 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati707-795-7868Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Round Table PizzaPizza40 Raley's Town Centre, Rohnert Park707-585-0555Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Shangri-la Café & GrillHimalayan1706 East Cotati Avenue, Cotati707-793-0300Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
StarbucksCoffee Shop6277 Commerce Boulevard, Rohnert Park707-588-8999Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
StarbucksCoffee Shop1716 E Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park707-792-0283Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
StarbucksCoffee Shop640 E Cotati Avenue E., Cotati707-794-9016Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Taco BellMexican1700 E Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park707-664-1700Cotati, Rohnert Park & Penngrove
Bangkok Thai ExpressThai857 4th Street, San Rafael415-453-3350Marin County
Bombay GrillIndian1444 4th Street, San Rafael415-455-0444Marin County
Café del SoulVegan Friendly1408 4th Street, San Rafael415-457-5400Marin County
Café del SoulVegan Friendly247 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley415-388-1852Marin County
Johnny DoughnutsVegan Doughnuts1617 4th Street, San Rafael415-400-5078Marin County
LaVier Latin FusionMexican (Veg-friendly)1025 C Street, San Rafael415-295-7990Marin County
Lotus Cuisine of IndiaIndian704 4th Street, San Rafael415-456-5808Marin County
Philz CoffeeCoffee Shop403 Town Center, Corte Madera415-496-2024Marin County
Taj of MarinIndian909 4th Street, San Rafael415-459-9555Marin County
Veggie GrillVegan147 Town Center, Corte Madera415-945-8954Marin County
Whole Foods MarketGrocery Store790 Delong Avenue, Novato415-878-0455Marin County
East-West CaféAmerican128 North Main Street, Sebastopol707-829-2822Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
East-West CaféAmerican557 Summerfield Avenue, Santa Rosa707-546-6142Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Gaia's GardenVeg Buffet1899 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa707-544-2491Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Himalayan Tandoori Curry HouseIndian969 Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol707-824-1800Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Muir’s Tea Room American330 S Main Street, Sebastopol707-634-6143Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Peter Lowell'sItalian7385 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol707-829-1077Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Sizzling TandoorIndian409 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa707-579-5999Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Slice of LifeVegetarian6970 McKinley Street, Sebastopol707-829-6627Santa Rosa, Sebastapol
Kathmandu Cafe & GrillNepalese6761 Sebastopol Avenue, Sebastopol707-861-9398Santa Rosa, Sebastapol

It is recommended that patrons always ask about food preparation and ingredients as recipes and food suppliers (particularly cheese) often change. Restaurants with an RS menu may be more aware of RS requirements.